Termite Exterminators MelbourneAlso known as white ants, Termites are social insects living in highly organised colonies with a Queen and a King. Of the hundreds of different species of Termites in Australia there are only a small number of species that actually cause concerns for humans. Despite that small number, they make up for it in damage to man-made wooden structures. It is not surprising, given that one colony can have several million Termites. This represents billions of dollars worth of damage each year.

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Termite nests are found underground and in trees, preferring dark moist areas. It is the worker Termites that do the damage to buildings, returning to the nest to feed the rest of the colony. A professional Termite exterminator, Control-A-Pest Pty Ltd can provide you with assistance in Termite extermination.

It is said, that Termites cause more damage each year to Australian homes than storms, flood and fires combined.

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