Termite Pre-Construction Treatment

(Physical &/or Chemical Barriers) for New Homes / Extensions / Commercial Properties Builders / Home Renovators

As part of a Building Permit certain Shires/Councils or Architects specify that you carry out a Termite Pre-Construction Treatment in accordance with the Australian Standard Code, so If you have received your Building Permit and are about to start the building foundations/footings give us a call on 9727 1500 or send a copy of the floor plans via our email at info@controlapest.com.au.With over 30 years experience, we specialise in termite pre-construction treatments using both physical and chemical barriers, offering the latest environmentally friendly chemical and non-chemical treatments to all types of constructions including New Homes, Extensions, Commercial Properties. We are fully licensed, and accredited installers of such products as HomeGuard / Termite Collars / Reticulation systems in addition to Chemical Applications, we are here to help you in making an informed decision on what option you feel best suits your need;

We service all suburbs, aiming to offer a reliable prompt and efficient service. Give us that call or email us the construction details for a no obligation free quotation to carry out that Termite Pre-construction Treatment Part 1 & Part 2.

Call us now at Control-A-Pest Pty Ltd, the Termite Pre-Construction Specialists.

Please note that with any Pre-Construction treatment, it is important to understand and be made aware of the fact that any installed system may not be able to perform as per the manufacturer’s expectations of product life expectancy. Limitations such as soil type, environmental condition, landscaping, building alterations, renovations and/or extensions, etc can damage a barrier system installation.

Therefore, it is considered necessary for the owner to arrange, at their expense, for a registered pest control operator or authorised body to carry out full inspections on a 6 or 12 monthly basis. Although regular inspections DO NOT stop termite attack, they are designed to limit the amount of damage that may occur by detecting problems early.