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Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

The Real Estate Institute of Melbourne and Australia have drafted a standard clause called the ‘Timber Pest Pre-purchase Inspection Clause for most building and sale contracts.  Our professional technicians ensure your pest or termite inspections are up to Australian standards by law, giving you not only peace of mind but the assurance of no nasty surprises when purchasing your house, property or investment. When you get your building inspected, one of the critical things to know is whether or not there are pests. Our inspectors are qualified pest inspectors and controller

Pre Purchase Timber Inspections

Some of  the Advantages of Control a Pest carrying out your pre-purchase timber pest inspection are:

  • You receive a thorough report detailing any current pest or termite activity, prior termite damage, wood rot, fungal decay and conditions conductive to termite attack.
  • Any work carried out by qualified technicians at Control a Pest are fully insured.
  • We will arrange a time with your real estate agent and pick up keys if required or you can book direct online
  • With some of our packages you will be save on other general pest treatments to your new house prior to your arrival.

Why we feel termite inspections are so important?

Timber Pest Inspections for your Property made easy with the team at Control A Pest

Getting a Termite Inspection can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs by detecting any termite activity before major damage is done. It might surprise you to know each year more than 1 in 5 homes suffer some form of termite attack causing more damage than some storms or floods combined and  can cost you thousands. So how do you know you’re not buying a house full of termites?

Unlike other pest control companies, at Control A Pest , we provide you with a specialised pre purchased Timber Pest Inspection service dedicated to new property purchases ensuring you don’t buy termites.

Residents of Melbourne understand the importance of purchasing a pre termite inspection on their property before settlement of chosen property. However, many home owners don’t realise that once this property becomes  your home or investment it is even more important to have a professional  Termite Inspection at least once a year to help protect your most valuable asset.

What to expect from Our Termite Inspection Services:

Termite Inspections Melbourne and Victoria Wide

Our pest control technicians carry out all our termite inspections in accordance with Australian Standard AS4349.3 – 2010 Inspection of Buildings – Timber Pest inspections.

This means we inspect for a lot more than just termites!

Following a termite inspection of your home and / or business we will supply you with a detailed report of our findings

Our termite inspection reports include details regarding

  • Signs of any Active termite activity
  • Inactive visible evidence of termite activity
  • Borers –  (including the infamous European House Borer now active in Melbourne Victoria). Borers pose a significant threat to your home. Borers are beetles that lay their eggs in dry seasoned timbers. The larvae then hatch and begin feeding on the timber, eventually emerging as adult beetles.
  • Fungal decay/wood rot – Left unresolved this will weaken exposed timbers over time. Rot fungi can appear in the form of brown rot, white rot or soft rot.
  • Conditions conducive to termite attack this will enable you to take measures to minimise the threat of termites damaging your home.
  • Routine calls and maintenance works are also carried out by the professional team at Control A Pest book direct online or call today on 9727 1500

Some of the areas inspected for pests include:

  • Sub floor area
  • Structural timber elements
  • Roof structure
  • Doors
  • Door frames
  • Skirtings
  • Out-buildings
  • Fences
  • External building elements
  • External landscape elements (like old trees)


Pre Purchase Termite Inspections

Pre Purchase Pest Inspection

Are you Buying a new home?

For many of us purchasing a home will be the biggest investment we will ever make!

It is an exciting time when you are finally buying a new home or investment property, however while a property can look like the house of your dreams, it’s what you can’t see that can turn your dream home into a huge finical concern

Termites are almost invisible, or completely silent and have the potential to cause extensive damage before you even noticing there is a problem. Termites tend to avoid open air and light, and as a result their colonies are typically underground, out of sight or within wood materials.

Before buying any home it is important that you have a qualified pest control technician carry out a Pre – Purchase Timber Pest / Termite Inspection. The team At Control A Pest are happy to help and assist you.


Here are some Pre Purchase Termite Inspections Hints and Tips

Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections

  • When it becomes time to place your offer in on a property ensure you include on the terms of acceptance that your offer to buy the property is subject to a Timber Pest Inspection (Termites, Decay & Borer), and be specific about what findings will retract your offer.
  • Make sure your inspection is carried out by a qualified and licensed Pest Controller
  • Find out what or if any termite preventative system that may currently be in place for the home
  • If no preventative systems are in place we strongly recommend you look at getting one installed. When researching this make sure you consider what warranties the company offer, and how long they have been operating for – After all you want to ensure you pick someone that will warrant their own work and be around if anything happens!
  • Continue with regular termite inspections to ensure your home stays free from termites. Consumer Protection recommends that you arrange for a licensed pest control technician to inspect your home at least once a year!