Also known as a Rodent, Rats successfully co-exist with humans. They are also attributed to carrying and transmitting numerous diseases including, the most dangerous food poisoning bacteria Salmonella.

When Rats get into your roof and wall cavities not only are they noisy, with their scratching, fighting and gnawing, they are also very destructive. Rats chew on building materials including electrical wires, cabling, pipes, and all woodwork. Under extreme circumstances, they can cause electrical faults by chewing through electrical cables and potentially shorting out electrical appliances with the added concern of possible fires. If you need to get rid of Rats, you need a professional Pest Controller, Control-A-Pest Pty Ltd, we are here to help you with Rats removal, give us a call now.

Rats are scavengers, eating whatever food or scraps they can find whether it is in a garbage area, a sewer or in your home. Rats chew through containers, boxes, etc contaminating their contents and leave behind trails of urine, faeces and hair.

A professional Rat exterminator, Control-A-Pest Pty Ltd, can provide you with assistance in Rat extermination or Rat eradication.

Rats are an enormous health risks to humans and only a professional pest controller, Control-A-Pest Pty Ltd can provide you with that peace of mind in eliminating Rats from your property.

Rats can cause major damage to crops, when in plague proportions. They can wipe out entire plantations costing farmers communities millions of dollars, along with serious health issues.

If you have a problem with Rats or other Rodents, call us here at Control-A-Pest Pty Ltd for advice and treatment, contact us now.